After what was possibly our hardest year ever, we have relaunched the Kindershare website.

You will notice the great new look & feel straight away! But there are a few things you should know about

Password resets

You will need to update your password the first time you log in – please double check your junk mail and remember to mark your emails as “safe”. 

I have an existing booking, where is it? 

If your transaction was initiated before 28 April 2021, you will need to access our old website at You will continue to receive emails as normal and you should be able to click directly through to get there. 

I am an owner, what do I need to check? 

Please log in and check your existing listings to make sure all information, including delivery information is correct. We are also checking these one-by-one, but a spare pair of eyes is always helpful!

Have feedback or issues? 

We know that we’re not going to get it 100% right the first time around, so please let us know where we can improve, or if things need to change. Send us an email or contact our support team using the support chat below. 

 Thank you again for using Kindershare !



Vanouhi Nazarian

Founder, Kindershare